Shipment Tracking

    Enter your order reference number:

  • For online order, please enter the order number only, such as 12345; Do not enter the preifx of "IMK-"
  • For Phone order, please enter the entire order number, such as T1234 or JE6543
  • After you click the "Track UPS" button, A Pop-Up Window will come out
  • IF order number does not show up at "REFERENCE NUMBER" section of Pop-up Window, please Enter your order number at "REFERENCE NUMBER" section
  • Please verify the "Ship Date Range", revise it if it is not correct
  • Entering a wider range of the "Ship Date Range" will provide better result
  • Please click the "track" icon on the lower right-hand corner, you DO NOT need to enter any other information
  • The tracking information should show up after the screen refresh
  • If tracking number is not available, please contact i-Market at 626-269-0862


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