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P3 P7850 Animal Away Pro IR Repellant, 23 Khz signal, Covers 40 feet w/ 70 degree arc, Inaudible to humans, Wall or Fence Mountable, Green PVC Housing

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Keep the dog out of the living room or raccoons away from your garbage. The state of the art Animal Away Pro utilizes powerful high-pitched frequencies to deter animals from invading your space. Inaudible to humans, animals find this high-pitched frequency uncomfortable and move to a more peaceful neighborhood.

Other devices emit a constant sound, but Animal Away Pro saves batteries by utilizing an infrared motion detector that activates the 23,000 Hz signal only when the unit detects motion within a 40-foot range. Use it indoor or outdoors. Wireless operation, powered by one 9-volt battery, allows the Animal Away™ Pro to be optimally positioned to limit animal access. Easily mounts on walls, fences, or even wooden stakes and its green housing blends in with most lawns. Now you decide what areas are off limits.

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  • Promotional Price Valid for 1 unit only
  • Coverage: Arc of 70 degrees, distance 40 ft
  • Uses powerful, high-pitched frequencies at 8K to 23K Hz to deter animals from invading home spaces
  • Inaudible to humans, animals find the high-pitched frequency uncomfortable & will move to a peaceful area
  • Wireless & mountable or wall or fence
  • Infrared Motion Activation
  • Saves batteries by using an IR motion detector that activates the 8K to 23 kHz signal only when the unit detects motion within a 40-ft range
  • Use indoor or outdoors
  • Blends In With Landscapes
  • Durable Green PVC Housing
  • Requires one 9V battery
  • Net weight: 9 oz
  • Dimension: 4” X 4 1/3” X 3 3/4”
  • This unit is shipped via Regular Ground only; No Air shipment
  • Please select “UPS Ground" at Check out
  • Please call for quotation if faster service is needed
  • Usually shipped in 48 hours
Warranty: 6 months

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