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MagicaLink Firewire 6 pin Male to Firewire 6 pin Male 32 inch retractable extension cable

A perfect Solution for Mobile Users
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Firewire 6 pin Male to Firewire 6 pin Male retractable extension cable
  • Retracting length from 4 inches to 32 Inches
  • Easily extends to both ends
  • High performance transmits data with low EMI/ RFI interference
  • Instantaneously connects your computer to DV Camcorder or other 4 pin Firewire devices.
  • Connector : Gold Flash
  • Conduct Wire : 0.08 x 8
  • Isolated Jacket: Neoprene Compound
  • Can be Retracted: More than 500 times
  • Voltage : Maximum 5V at 300 ma
  • Bandwidth : 400 Mbps Maximum
  • Application : IEEE 1394 compliant
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