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HP CC659FNXL (HP 74XL, HP 75XL) Remanufactured Black and Tri-Color Ink Cartridge Combo Pack compatible to CB336WN & CB338WN

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This Remanufactured Combo Pack Include:
  • #74XL Black ink cartridge
  • #75XL Tri-Color ink cartridge
Compatible to:
  • HP Color LaserJet: CP2025
  • HP DeskJet: D4200, D4245, D4260, D4263, D4268, D4280
  • HP DeskJet: D4360, D4363, D4368
  • HP OfficeJet: J5725, J5730, J5735, J5740, J5750, J5780, J5735, 5783
  • HP OfficeJet : 5785, 5788, J5790, J6405, J6410, J6413, J6415, J6424
  • hp OfficeJet: J6450, J6480, J6488
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4200, C4205, C4210, C4225, C4235, C4240, C4250, C4270
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4272, C4273, C4275, C4280, C4283, C4285, C4288, C4293
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4294, C4300, C4340, C4342, C4343, C4344, C4345, C4348
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4380, C4382, C4383, C4384, C4385, C4400, C4410, C4424
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4435, C4440, C4450, C4470, C4472, C4473, C4475, C4480
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4483, C4485, C4488, C4493, C4494, C4500, C4524, C4540
  • HP PhotoSmart: C4550, C4575, C4580, C4583, C4585, C4588, C4599, C5200
  • HP PhotoSmart: C5252, C5240, C5250, C5270, C5280, C5273, C5275, C5283
  • HP PhotoSmart: C5288, C5290, C5293, C5500, C5540, C5550, C5580
  • HP PhotoSmart: D5300, D5345, D5360, D5363, D5368
  • HP PhotoSmart All-in-One: C4388, C4390
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