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Do-All Outdoors IBAM2 Iron Buck Antler Mount Kit with One Scree Antler Mounting - Fits Whitetail, Axis, Mule and Fallow Deer Type Antlers

Do-All Outdoors Iron Buck Antler Mount IBAM2 is an easy way to turn your prize antlers into a piece of home art worth looking at. This Do-All Outdoors hunting accessory was designed by an iron artist, who molded a lifelike iron replica of a buck's head on which to mount your biggest rack.

Simply slip your rack of choice between the Do-All Iron Buck Mount's twin iron plates, tighten the screw, and mount the hunting accessory to your wall for a sculpture that will do any mantle proud.

Do-All Outdoors knows its customers take pride in the game they bring home from the hunt, so they've created the Iron Buck out of brushed steel, ensuring longevity and re-usability. Bring down a bigger buck on your next trip? It's just as easy to replace antlers as it is to add them in the first place. To turn your prized rack into a work of art, use the Do All Outdoors Iron Buck!

  • Promotional Price Valid for 1 unit only
  • Made of durable iron
  • Designed by an iron artist
  • Easily mounts and un-mounts antler horns
  • Simple to use and display
  • Do all outdoors iron buck skull sculpture trophy mount
  • Fits whitetail, axis, mule, and fallow deer type antlers
  • One screw to mount your antlers, one screw to hang them up - super easy
  • Dimensions: 15" H x 7" W x 1.5" D
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • This unit is shipped via Regular Ground only; No Air shipment
  • Please select “UPS Ground" at Check out
  • Usually shipped in 2 days ****
Warranty: 1 Year

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