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IR-40, IR40, IR-40T Compatible Ink Roller for Various Machine

IR-40, IR40, IR-40T Compatible Ink Roller for:
  • AURORA: 9PD, 11PD, 96PD; Canon P1DH, P8DH, P10DH, P40DII
  • CASIO:FR101, 105S, 107, FR121S, 122, 1215, HR8TE, HR8TE+, HR8/8B/8L15/8LPLUS/16/100/150L/LA
  • IBICO: 1006, 1207, 1210, PCR260, PCR262
  • PANASONIC: JE652P, 653P, JE658NP, 660NP
  • RADIO SHACK: EC 3011, 3012; Royal 107PD, 125/NT/NX, 215NT/NX, 214PD, 550HD (after 1995), 920PD, 6600HD, 6800HD, EZVUE 6800 HD, 550 HD
  • SHARP: EL1601/H, 1615, 1801L, 2617
  • TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 5029II, 5030/II, 5032SV, 5033II, 5033SV, 5034, 5034SV; Victor 1205, 1205-2/-3, 1208, 1220, 1225 and 1242
  • ADLER ROYAL: 101CXRF, 110CX, 110CXRF, 110DX, 115CX, 115CXRF, 120CXRF, 130CX, 130CXRF, 135DX, 325CXRF, 425CXRF, 435DX
  • MONROE: MR180, MR180RF
  • SAMSUNG: ER150
  • SHARP: XEA101, XEA101RF, XEA102, XEA102RF
  • VICTOR: 1205-3

The price listed here is for one (1) unit of ink roller
This product comes with Six (6) units in a box and is sold by the box only

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