Compatible IR-72, IR72 Ink Roller Cartridge for Various Machine

Compatible IR-72, IR72 Ink Roller for:
  • Brother: MPD 10, MPD 100, MPD12 PKX
  • CANON: 12PD, IR72
  • CASIO: 103ER, 180ER, FR1211, HR120, JR110, 11ER
  • EPSON: 12PD, IR72
  • OLYMPIA: CP211, CPD3210, 3211, 3212
  • SANYO: 100, 120
  • SHARP: 1031, 1035, 1005S, ER1005, XE1015
  • TEC: MA68

    IR-72Regular price: $8.50Sale price: $6.95

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