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CA-021 Citric Acid 2.1 Oz Cleaner for Removing Mineral & Scale Build-up in Hot Water Pots & Kitchen Applianes, Set of 10 Packs

Safe and effective cleaner for removing mineral and scale build-up in Hot Water Pots and other kitchen appliances.

  • Special Promotional Price Valid for 1~2 sets only
  • SAFE: Non-toxic, Biodegradable & Edible as food additive or flavoring
  • DISPOSABLE: Simply pour the water down the drain
  • EFFECTIVE: Easily removes mineral, scale build-up and hard water stains
  • ECONOMICAL: Extends the life and performance of your appliance
  • PERFORMANCE: Clean Pot or Appliance results in better tasting water and food
  • Depending the size and the mineral / scale build-up, more than one pack may be needed
  • Do not use on aluminum
  • 10-Pack package: 2.1 oz. per pack
  • Usually shipped in 48 hours*
Warranty: 3 months

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CA-021Regular price: $24.99Sale price: $15.99, 2/$37.50, 3/$63.00

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