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Pridiom PMD305HTX Tri-Zone Mini Split Ductless 30,000 btu AC Air Conditioner - A Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification system w/ Inverter Technology, w/ Three Air-Handlers, Remote Control. Covers 300 to 2,100 sq ft

No Window or Through the Wall opening needed

~~~ Two 9,000 btu & One 12,000 btu Indoor Air-Handlers are included in this system ~~~
~~ More Power & Expandability with the Larger Capacity Outdoor Compressor unit ~~

This Pridiom 30,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Inverter System Tri-Zone with Heat Pump is a practical alternative to the expense of central air conditioning, as well as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to window or through-the-wall air conditioners. Some features include Advanced Inverter Technology, Wireless Remote Control, Dehumidification Mode, Auto Swing Louver, Auto Restart, Auto Mode, and Temperature Display on Indoor Unit, Sleep Mode and Low Ambient Operation.

Three streamlined and light-weight air handler is to be mounted on the inside wall. Refrigerant and condensate lines run through a small hole in the wall to the outside unit. Initial power is to the outside unit and then relayed to the air handler. This unit is extremely quiet as the compressor and condenser coil are outside.

Advanced Inverter Technology is a modernized technology that changes the voltage entering in the unit from AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current), like you would find in a car battery. This voltage inversion allows the unit to vary the speed of the compressor. This will speed up the compressor while demand is high and slow down the speed of the compressor and the speed of your electric meter while demand is lower. Advanced Inverter Technology will make your environment more comfortable faster and keep it that way.

These dual heating and air conditioning systems are perfect for new additions, attics, finished basements. The Pridiom systems allow homeowners to keep homes cool or warm without adding costly ductwork or sacrificing window space.

*Heat Pump Disclaimer: Ductless Mini-Split units are Heat Pumps and will operate in ambient conditions down to about 17F (other conditions i.e. humidity and wind may increase or decrease working temperature and efficiency). For the climates that routinely drop below 17F, Pridiom recommends a back up source of heat. For the units that utilize Pridiom's Advanced Inverter Technology can operate at temperatures down to - 4F, however, they still may require a back up source of heat depending upon the application. Consult your HVAC Professional before selecting a Heat Pump as the only source of heat.
  • This unit has the ability to support another 9k or 12k btu indoor Air Handler
  • Flared pipes, Connection wires, Condensate Tubing, Drain Pipe, Electrical parts, Wall Bracket / Sleeve, Essential parts and Wire kit included
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  • Usually shipped within 2 Business days
Key benefits of the Pridiom ductless air-conditioning/heat pump systems
  • Very Price Competitive as compared to Central Air Conditioner
  • Dual air conditioning and heating function
  • Efficient / Cost saving zoned cooling and heating
  • Advanced Inverter Technology
  • Heat Pump Technology
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Dehumidification Mode
  • Auto Swing Louver
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Mode
  • Temperature Display on Indoor Unit
  • Sleep Mode
  • Low Ambient Operation
Features :
  • Functions: Cooling, Heating, & Dehumidification
  • Tri-Zone:
    • 3 indoor Air-Handler unit - 2 of PWM093HX (9,000 btu each)& 1 of PWM123HX (12,000 btu)
    • 1 outdoor Compressor unit - POM365HX
  • Capacity:
    • Cooling: 8,607 btu per PWM093HX Air-Handler; 10,594 btu for PWM123HX Air-Handler; Maximum Capacity w/ 3 units on: 27,808 btu
    • Heating: 10,000 btu 1st & 2nd Air-Handler; 13,000 btu 3rd Air-Handler; Maximum Capacity w/ 3 units on: 33,000 btu
  • Outdoor unit Maximum Capacity:
    • Support from 7,000 up to 36,000 btu in Cooling
    • Support from 9,000 up to 38,000 btu in Heating
  • Coverage: 300 to 2,100 square feet
  • SEER: 15.0
  • HSPF: 8
  • EER Cooling: 10.6
  • Cop (outdoor unit): 3.3
  • Dehumidify capacity / Hr: 1.58 Pints (9000 btu unit)& 2.11 Pints (12,000 btu unit), Total 5.27 Pints
  • Air Flow ( L/M/H ) :
    • PWM093HX - 191 / 262 / 311 CFM
    • PWM123HX - 230 / 284 / 383 CFM
  • Fan Speeds: 3 Speeds + Automatic
  • Power: 208~230V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase
  • Amperes:
    • Indoor unit: 0.2 A(9,000 btu unit) / 0.3 A (12,000 btu unit)
    • Outdoor unit: 13.5A / 22.5A
  • Wattages (Rated/ Max.): 3.08KW / 4.90KW
  • Maximum Overload protection: 20A
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Operating Range:
    • Cooling : 32F to 122F
    • Heating : 5 to 75F
  • Indoor Noise Level ( L/M/H ) dB(A): 27 / 34 / 37 (9,000 btu unit); 28 / 35 / 40 (12,000 btu unit)
  • Outdoor Noise Level - dB(A): 57
  • Indoor Fan Speed ( L/M/H ) - 850/1,050/1,100 RPM (9,000 btu unit); 900/1,000/1,250 RPM (12,000 btu unit)
  • Outdoor Fan Speed - RPM : 500 to 900
  • Connection Method : Flare
  • Max. Pipe length: 82 ft
  • Max. Elevation: 33 ft
  • Pipe Dimension : 1/4 - 1/2 inch
  • Service Port Connection (UNF) : 5/16 (1/2 - 20)inch
  • Net Weight:
    • Indoor unit: 22 lb Each
    • Outdoor unit: (TBA) lb
  • Unit Size:
    • Indoor unit :
      • 9,000 btu unit: 31-1/4”(W) x 10-5/8”(H) x 6-1/2”(D)
      • 12,000 btu unit: 33-1/4”(W) x 11-1/4”(H) x 6-1/2”(D)
    • Outdoor unit: 39”(W) x 39-1/4”(H) x 13-3/8"(D)
  • Safety & Approval: ETL, AHRI
  • Package Contain:
    • Three Indoor Units (Air Handler)
    • Outdoor Unit
    • Lineset
    • 25 feet Flared Copper Tubing
    • 25 feet connection Wire
    • Condensate Tubing
    • Drain Pipe
    • Electrical
    • Remote
    • Wall Bracket / Sleeve
    • Essential parts
  • Basic warranty:3 Years Parts & 5 Years Compressor
  • Labor warranty: One year
Warranty Disclaimer: ALL UNITS REQUIRE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION – INSTALLER MUST BE A HVAC LICENSED CONTRACTOR. Pridiom will only responsible for warranty issues due to defects in the product – If a defect is the result of improper installation, the repair will not be covered by Pridiom - it is the responsibility of the installer - installer must be able to provide proof of licensing if requested by Pridiom. Warranty procedures will be sent to you after the order is processed.

  • This unit is shipped via Truck only, Air or 3-day Service is not available
  • Please select "UPS Ground" at Check-out

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