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P3 P7920 Chemical-Free Water Conditioner for Prevent limescale buildup in pipes and appliances

Limescale buildup is a serious problem in any household with residue that can become as hard as stone, causing a decrease in water pressure and showerheads to spray in every direction. Your pipes and appliances may clog with deposits requiring expensive solutions.

The Chemical Free Water Conditioner helps to reduce limescale buildup. Compact, cost efficient and maintenance free, it slides over any water pipe. Reduce buildup without reliance on chemicals, using state of the art high-powered ceramic ferrite magnets that polarize salt molecules in hard water. No moving parts or batteries reducing maintenance and operational cost to zero.

Most areas suffer from some degree of water hardness. This is caused by dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium. These can be beneficial to our health and give water a pleasant spring water taste. Unfortunately when they pass through our hot water system they are released and adhere to the surface of kettles, pipes, heaters. boilers, etc. This limescale, as it is popularly known, builds up over the years, slowly blocking pipes, reducing the flow and efficiency of the whole system, increasing energy cost and eventually causing the pipes and appliances to fail.

The Water Conditioner is a spin off from space technology which produced amazingly high powered (5000+ Gauss) ceramic ferrite magnets. The special patented construction of the Water Conditioner concentrates the power of no less than 10 high-Gauss ferrite magnets to give a super field of high Magnetic energy. Hard water (water containing dissolved salts) flowing through this super field becomes electrically charged polarizing the salt molecules. This helps prevent the deposition inside your pipes thus preventing the effects of scaling and clogging without altering the taste or health benefits of the water.

The Water Conditioner is not a water softener and does not require salts or chemicals to achieve it's effect. It can be fit in seconds to any standard 20mm (3/4") COLD water pipe and does not require any plumbing or any maintenance.

Even in water systems that have been attacked over the years by limescale, the Water conditioner can help. Firstly by preventing further limescale being deposited and secondly by the polarized molecules flowing past the limescale. They release their charge helping to dissolve the salts back into the water which is then washed away through the system.

  • Promotional Price Valid for 1 unit only
  • Prevents lime scale buildup without chemicals
  • PVC & ceramic ferrite magnets
  • Compact, cost efficient & maintenance free
  • Slides over the water pipe
  • Does not change taste or health benefits of water
  • Fits Standard 3⁄4 inch (20 mm) Pipe
  • The Water Conditioner must never be fit to any hot water pipe, as the heat may damage the ceramic ferrite magnets
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 7.75 x 1 X 2 (INCH)
  • Weight: 10.5 oz
Warranty : Ten (10) Year Limited Warranty

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